The main ED drugs


If we take Viagra super active (learn at about this medicine) as the generic drug then there is no doubt in its effective. What do we really know about this kind comparing to the traditional ways to suffer ED.

What does the generic way means?

We all know that the medical supplement that we should take only with the prescription is usually way more expensive and than its generic alternatives that are usually because of its popularity are more well-known which means safe. Even Pfizer raised the prices for this Viagra there are still lots of people who prefer to get the medication with the brand-name as its seems to be more professional solution. But still as Viagra is a cheaper variant it keeps being really popular comparing to the others. So the main thing here is to find out if it’s more helpful then the brand name medication? And if it’s like this then why it’s price is lower?

The quality level here is the main thing to check.

The brand-name medication is usually made under the special brand technology that us usually kept as a secret. Moreover it has more issues about the specificity of each patient health issues so it’s effect is more particular.

The cheaper analogues are going to have the same effect, but the only thing that make difference is that the companies producing this kind put less money into quality control and testing. Of cause they use it generally as the pills are sold legally, but this product has the same features as all of the mass market’s are. Usually the components are all same and the only thing that makes difference is the technology of producing. The new inventions that can be found out by the scientists of the brand-name company can reduce any side effects can effect it’s productivity, while the generic companies don’t put their budget into it.

After all the generic medication is still helpful and safe being cheap at the same time. And this is its main feature.

No one says they agree. Each market always suffers in the hard competition rules. For example Levitra and Cialis are usually produced based on the most new innovations trying to give more advantages that the simple viagra has. It effects its size, form and lasting effect. But let’s talk about its analogues.

For a long time Viagra has been taken under patent legacy and was not legal on the territory of USA, but could be still bought online. How the Viagra legacy would effect the market? It’s obvious – as Viagra itself is cheap the market will be overflowed with the same product having the same technology of producing and receipt. It shouldn’t mean that the quality is going to be bad, but this product will definitely loose a brand name. All of this can lead to the point that the prices will become lower and lower. Even now the main effect of he competition is that Pfizer starts to make the new range of the famous blue pills and we can already see the chewing forms appearing which are well-known in Mexico – it’s called Viagra Jet.

For now it’s too early to talk about all of this as the situation is strictly controlled by the Pfizer that has a patent on it which means that until now that special formula is under the protection from coping otherwise the company will loose its profit. So during the time product is protected by low only the original producer can change formula and make any kind of innovations in it. After patent time is over any other company can become its producer and start selling it under its name. Buying cialis 10mg you can be sure that you are buying an original product that has no analogue.

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