How to avoid erectile dysfunction with age?

When the body ages, vital organs also age. With age, erectile dysfunction in men becomes alarming problem that requires immediate attention. Notion of inability to satisfy partner pursues even strong men. Thoughts about impotence often don`t give rest, and many men begin their suffering in depression.

There are certain rules that can keep you healthy. By sticking to them, man can avoid erectile dysfunction (ED) after 50. However, it`s important to understand that ED is not only your problem. In fact, billions of men who have reached the age of 50 suffer from lack of quality erection.

So, how to protect yourself from erectile dysfunction? We will talk about that in next section.

Avoid tobacco and alcohol consumption

Cause of many physical problems among men and women is excessive consumption of tobacco and alcohol. Often, people don`t understand that such bad habits are harmful to normal functioning of body, and therefore can initiate development of erectile dysfunction. Onset of ED is also observed among men who resort to substance abuse.

So, to help body fight ED, eliminate use of tobacco and alcohol, or at least minimize their consumption.

Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases

ED is usually seen in people with cardiovascular diseases. Heart disease is often accompanied by obstacle to normal circulation of blood to genital area, which leads to insufficient blood flow. This process is largely responsible for normal erection.

Healthy nutrition and regular exercise will reduce risk of heart and blood vessel disease.

Without diabetes

Another factor contributing to ED in older men is diabetes. It disrupts normal functioning of nerves and arteries. Diabetes can be avoided in many cases. Thanks to an active lifestyle, which consists of regular exercise and balanced diet.

Avoid high-calorie refined foods. Don`t overweight and obesity. One should take care of one’s health at young age – in order to be in elderly, not to have such problems as erectile dysfunction. And, most importantly – less excitement and more positive emotions.

So, now you know how to prevent erectile dysfunction. Use this tips and your sexual life will be bright in any age.