How Does Temperance Affect Potency Of Men?

Men of any age experience periods of abstinence from sex due to various reasons. Naturally, many are interested in how abstinence affects potency of men, as well as general state of health. Immediately it should be noted that absence of sex in period of up to 30 days doesn`t affect male health. If abstinence lasts longer, whole range of problems can arise.

Influence of abstraction on potency: inflammation of the prostate

This is the most obvious answer to question of how abstinence affects potency:

  • Prolonged absence of sex often leads to inflammation of prostate gland. Bad potency is one of signs of this disease. Prostatitis is recorded 3 times more often in men who haven`t had intimate intimacy for more than a month. In the study, data were compared with men who have regular sexual relations (2-3 times a week).
  • Lack of sexuality leads to disruption of microcirculation process in pelvic area. There are stagnation, in prostate gland there is accumulation of secret, which is usually displayed only with ejaculate. In accumulated fluid, bacteria develop, which lead to inflammatory process.

Reduced potency from long-term absorble

Abstinence and potency are directly related – this is  fact proven by physicians. Lack of sex for 2-6 months reduces potency and ejaculation time. As a result, after long abstinence, man is far from immediately able to restore usual duration and quality of sex. Due to long absence of erections, tissues of penis lack oxygen. Plus is narrowed blood vessels. All these factors will eventually lead to impotence – especially dangerous at age of 50+.

Restoration of potency after abstinence

There are a few tips on how to restore potency after long abstinence:

  • Easiest way is to avoid abstinence. If there is no partner or for some reason sex is impossible (for example, during a difficult pregnancy with the wife) – you need to regularly engage in self-satisfaction.
  • Don`t allow psychological “winding up”. It should be taken for granted that after abstaining enchanting sex wouldn`t. It`s important that your partner understands this. If there is no prostatitis or impotence, everything will be restored by itself. But time is needed.
  • Help body with special drugs that improve potency, duration and quality of sexual act.

The best answer to the question of how to avoid abstinence with prostatitis and weak potency is to engage in self-satisfaction or find permanent partner. Improve potency of drug helps Levitra, which is called  modern counterpart of Viagra.