Erectile dysfunction, what is the cause of

Erectile dysfunctionErectile function many men, so this problem is very relevant. If used more often diagnosed age-old problem, now age is getting younger, and after 30 very many people want to be self-confident and wealthy in bed.
Of erectile dysfunction sexual intercourse becomes impossible as the quality of erection is not achieved. The reasons may be several:
• Organic;
• Psychological;
• Combined form.
Organic form begins slowly and is manifested in the weakening of erection due to concomitant diseases, medication affecting the potency and other reasons.
Psychological form can appear suddenly from a stress, problems in family life, with all of this morning erection is lost during intercourse, the penis tense.
The mixed form is a combination of psychological and organic dysfunction. On average, only 20% of cases occurs against a background of psychological factors, often the problem lies in the disease. Therefore it is necessary not to postpone the visit to the doctor later, and as soon as possible to deal with the cause of this problem.
What diseases can affect erections
• Hypertension;
• Diabetes mellitus;
• Depression, stress;
• Infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases;
• Hormonal disorders;
• Exposure to radiation, harmful chemicals;
• Problems with the blood vessels that feed the penis, which often arise in connection with Smoking and intake of alcohol;
• Diseases of the nervous system;
• Tumors of the prostate and other.


How to recognize the disease

How to recognize the diseaseIn the first place a man can understand that there was a problem by the fact that a decreased libido. He doesn’t want sexual intercourse and less excited in the sexual games. It can be affected by fatigue, stress, relationship discord and other factors. Besides during intercourse even if it took place, there is a weakening of the sensation of orgasm, or he’s just missing. These symptoms are more related to the psychological form of erectile dysfunction.
Treatment problems
The treatment prescribed by a doctor, as it is necessary to study carefully the problems arise.
• Endocrine disorders can be prescribed hormones.
• During medical problems when on erection affect blood pressure medication, or other, will change the drug so it does not affect the potency.
• If you have problems, neurological treated the underlying disease.
• Consultation with a psychotherapist, psychologist.
• Anatomical problems, carry out surgery.
• Besides recommend rest, creating a pleasant atmosphere with your partner and relaxing, which together will help to improve your sex life.
Your doctor may order an ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound, blood test, Viagra test, and more. In addition, conducted a medical history and determine the cause. After that, you may be given medication: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and others. Various alcohol infusions with stimulants help man to enhance the potency. Also use vitamins, sedatives. Injections may be used with prostaglandin, papaverine and other drugs. Also help to improve erection various vacuum pumps. Ways treat erectile dysfunction a lot, so do not despair.
Of course, you must exclude Smoking and alcohol, as well as to improve nutrition. Your doctor may recommend more physical activity, playing sports. Harmony in sexual relations with a partner is also